Free Dynamic DNS

Yep, free! What are you waiting for?

Here's the deal.

Up to 10 hosts

Add up to 10 dynamic hosts to your account! It's a nice round number, and it may change in the future, but I figured it's reasonable limit.

No check-ins

Unlike some other “free” dynamic DNS services, you won't need to login and verify your account every 30 days. Sign up, add your host, done. Simple.

For the nerds: an API

Use the simple JSON API to update your hosts from the platform or programming language of your choice. Developer docs are available here.

Download Update Client

The desktop update client is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux! Just download it, connect your account, and that's it.

Maybe more, who knows 🤷

I made this because I wanted it. Maybe someone else will think it's useful, too. In any event, this will probably get more features as time goes on. Right now, this is just a fun experiment that I mainly made because I got a decent domain.

Mac users, you'll need to right click the app icon and choose "Open" to run the app. I don't have a developer account at the moment, so you've gotta get around Gatekeeper nonsense.